Yellow and Grey Kids Baby Boy Nursery Hanging Wall Letters

I can’t stop myself from designing letters in the colors of yellow and grey for kids nursery letters! I love this bedding from Land of Nod called Not a Peep. So modern and classy for a boy!!!  These letters in this style and many others can be purchased at

Labor Day Sale!




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Beautiful Tissue Flowers Which Include Tulle

Well my daughter is expecting my first grand daughter and we are knee deep in designing the perfect nursery for baby Keira. After all, in my business I have seen and designed to so many different amazing nurserys so this won’t be easy!!!  The hardest part for us was narrowing down all our options . We have selected the wall color and the bedding(believe me that was not easy either!) and now all the fun begins!!!

I will be adding the before picture soon so you can see what we are working with. I also plan on providing tips on how- to’s etc…..  We are all excited and can’t wait to share with everyone!!

Not sure if we are going to use these tissue flowers but I LOVE them! I feel like they are different from the normal flowers you see everywhere now. With the right color combinations, these can be absolutely STUNNING. The how-to came from a mom in Australia and you can find it on this blog  greedyforcolour.

Another chapter in my life as I know it


 I recently posted about my first show at atlanta market, but I realized that I should also include a previous chapter in my life which will explain a little better why getting to atlanta was such a huge mile stone for me and my daughters.

Well it took me awhile to think of what to write here, so I figured it is just best to start from the beginning. My husband and I were both born in the beautiful, and well known, Hamptons on the Eastern end of Long Island, NY. A place filled with beautiful places and beautiful people. We ourselves have 3 beautiful children. My husband spent his time there building beautiful houses for all of the throngs of beautiful people inhabiting our hometown.
  Well one day, 10 years ago we received a phone call that every parent fears. My son, age 20 and away at college, dove into the ocean on a beautiful spring day and broke his neck. Everything my family was at this point in our lives changed in an instant….
 My strong and athletic son was now a quadriplegic – and in that moment nothing would ever be the same…
 After months of living in a hospital we brought our son to the beautiful resort town of the Hamptons, otherwise known as our home. The community there embraced us with more support then I can even describe here.
 As time went on while learning how to adjust to this new life for my son and family, we realized that the beautiful Hamptons was not a place for anyone with my sons injury. Remember the Hamptons is a playground for the perfect beautiful people and he was now a young man learning to deal with life in a wheelchair. He was very limited on what he could become there with his abilities. So he fell into a slump that lasted several years until we took a huge risk and decided to move….
We packed everything up and came to Charleston SC on a risk and an adventure. We found a house that was totally accessible for our son. We took a gamble that this move would help my son to brush himself off and continue on with his life. We were ready do what ever it took to make my son realize that there was still a life for him.
Well… we have been here for 3 years and my son is a totally new person. Independent, outgoing, moving on… and no snow, just beautiful sunshine!!!! So far our plan is working. We are all very happy here. Except for one thing, our two daughters went to college in Boston and have remained there to live and work. We miss each other terribly but realize that this is the path we needed to take. Hopefully one day they will move here too and our family will be whole again.
 So… about me 
 At the time of my son’s accident I was a designer for a big company doing hand painted children’s accessories. I unfortunately had to give this job up to be the caregiver for my son. It is now also time for me to continue on with my life. I have since started my own company called LotAspots and it is starting to take off. My etsy site is called candice n katies art after my two daughters who deserve so much for what they had to give up after their brothers accident. If anything it has made us all stronger and more appreciative of life, now that we all know anything could change in a minute.
 My dream is to continue to make happy colorful items for children since they are all precious gifts given to us to cherish everyday, as I cherish my own.

We did it at Atlanta Home and Gift Show 01/14/11


I DID IT!!!!!

 Seven years!!! Seven years to make a dream come true!!  I debut my products at Atlanta market for the very first time and my daughters were all a part of it. It was alittle questionable on whether they would get out of Boston with all the snow, but it only delayed them 1 day. I knew even nature couldn’t stop us!! We had the momentum going, We were so close to making this happen! I was so happy to see them to say the least!

You know how they say set a goal and in vision it in your head over and over again to make it come true. For years I saw my daughters and I going up the escalator at market in Atlanta and seeing all the wonderful vendors setting up for a show knowing that I too had my own booth. The minute we all set foot on the escalator 2 weeks ago I couldn’t help but cry!!! I worked so hard to get to that point. I sacrificed so much to live that very second. It was amazing to have a moment, which has been playing over so many times in my  head, come true!! It is surreal and so rewarding. Believing and hard work is what got us there!

And the icing on the cake is that everyone loved my things!!! I remember just as I was getting ready to leave for Atlanta I had a panic attack. What if no one like my things? What if I was wasting my time and money? Oh please don’t let that happen!!!

Well I received tons of orders and received so many complements!!  I made so many connections with people already in the industry and I was accepted in!!!!



You can also  find my products at candicenkatiesart

New Blog Entry For Bellini Buzz

Check out my latest blog entry on the Bellini Buzz. Granny square blankets are timeless and the article even includes a video how-to so you can make your own!!