Yellow and Grey Kids Baby Boy Nursery Hanging Wall Letters

I can’t stop myself from designing letters in the colors of yellow and grey for kids nursery letters! I love this bedding from Land of Nod called Not a Peep. So modern and classy for a boy!!!  These letters in this style and many others can be purchased at

waiting on the arrival of my new baby granddaughter

The time is finally here for my daughter to give birth to my first grandchild! We are all so excited and hope every minute that she goes into labor! She is not actually due until Monday but about a week ago, she was having timetable contractions which were getting closer together and we thought it was finally TIME!! The problem is I live in South Carolina and she lives right outside of Boston, MA. Well needless to say, I got on the first plane out the following morning only to have the contractions stop later that night.  I was so nervous about missing this amazing experience that my daughter was about to go through that it was worth being here for an extra week or so. I had 3 C-sections so I am so excited to live vicariously through my daughter delivering this baby all on her own!!

And now I have been here for over a week and contractions come and go but nothing consistent. We walk everyday and try all kinds of different foods but so far nothing has worked. We can barely wait another minute!! But that little girl is in no rush to leave her comfy home and is determined to come on her own time.

So we fill our idle time with nursery projects. Everyday we come up with another cute thing to do in her already adorable room.  This baby better hurry up and come before we paint everything in the house pink! The one good thing about my early arrival is that we’ve never have had this much time together to craft. And we are so enjoying it!! I will be posting nursery pictures very soon so stay tuned.

We now have everything a baby would ever want or need… all we need is a baby!

Labor Day Sale!




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Trendy Baby Burp Cloths Tutorial

I LOVE this idea! I remember burp cloths always managing to disappear and were never handy when a real projectile emergency happened. Since they were normally all white, they would get wrapped up in the blankets, sheets etc.  Attaching colorful fabrics to the burp cloths would keep them from hiding on you! Plus clean folded cloths will look so much better on a shelf in the nursery! You could even purchase fabrics that coordinate with the colors in the room.  Who doesn’t love a DIY affordable functional accent!

I found this tutorial  on a site called They seem easy enough to make and I so want to find the time to make them myself for my new grand daughter!

Pink and Yellow Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas

We finally decided on the colors of the nursery for our little granddaughter Keira!


I am so excited to have a direction. I told my daughter no more changing her mind! We have run out of time. I love the warm sunny feeling this combination gives! Here are some decorating ideas we are working with……. All round personalized items can be found at

My Round Nursery Hanging Wall letters Featured on Ohdeedoh Website

My pretty pink and green baby girls hanging wall letters for a nursery where featured on the wonderful website Ohdeedoh. They are one of my most popular styles to date.  You can find them in my shop at

Boy Nursery Hanging Wall Letters with a Sophisticated Twist

I am so pleased my “DANNY” round hanging wall letters are featured in an article on Project Nursery  today. It is hard to tell from the picture in the article,but I did the backgrounds of these letters in a soft metallic silver color and they came out stunning!!! I just had to post this close up picture so you could really see the details. I am working on a line now with more of this finish included for both boy and girl.

Yellow and Grey Baby Nursery

I promised I would follow-up with a picture of the Yellow and Grey hanging wall letters I designed hanging in the actual nursery they were designed for. Isn’t this room amazing? I was honored to be asked to create the letters for this outstanding room!

This client was very cleaver. She did not want to know the sex of the baby so she picked out 2 names with the same exact number of letters. We had the design figured out and I just waited to here from her on whether it was a boy or a girl. Where there is pink we would have replaced with blue if it was a boy. Genius mom!!!!

An Example of a Very Creative Etsy Seller

 Over the weekend I had a little shopping spree buying pretty things online for my new soon to be grand daughters nursery. I found this adorable old doll dress in a shop on etsy called curiouslypink. It has some worn spots but a cute piece all in all. Received it today and to my surprise the seller must have read my mind.

Attached to the package was this adorable little bag of buttons and thread to inspire my imagination! Love her presentation!  This is an example of creative customer appreciation found on etsy that you will not find anywhere else!! I took some of the buttons and placed them on the dress just to give you an idea. I will of course be adding some of my own embellishments. I can already see this hanging on the wall in our soon to be “cutest nursery ever” as my daughter likes to call it!!