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EEK!!!! It’s a Mouse…..

There is nothing worst then not getting a good night sleep and when you put two bad nights together, it is impossible to recover! It’s one thing to just not be able to sleep but it is a whole other thing when it is a mouse in your wall scratching all  night that is keeping you awake!! It is so creepy! I just keep thinking that he is trapped and trying to scratch his way out. And at some point,after 2 nights of constant digging he is going to break through the wall and run right up my bed and sit on my face!!! Like it wants to blame me for trapping him in the wall!

AHHHH!!! I try to fall asleep with the pillow on my face but when the air supply runs out I have to give up and take it off. Covers over the face leads to the same result!So I thought today I would find some pictures of warm friendly looking mice to calm my nerves! Here are some really cute ones I found on a site called They are adorable and I would be happy sharing my house with a family of mice if they looked like this!But now….. the more I look at these cute little creatures I want to go get a saw and cut a hole in the wall and let that poor mouse free!!!! It must belong to a family that surely misses him and there is  a warm cozy mouse house with an empty bed just waiting for his return!!!! Oh dear… This didn’t work at all.

Trendy Baby Burp Cloths Tutorial

I LOVE this idea! I remember burp cloths always managing to disappear and were never handy when a real projectile emergency happened. Since they were normally all white, they would get wrapped up in the blankets, sheets etc.  Attaching colorful fabrics to the burp cloths would keep them from hiding on you! Plus clean folded cloths will look so much better on a shelf in the nursery! You could even purchase fabrics that coordinate with the colors in the room.  Who doesn’t love a DIY affordable functional accent!

I found this tutorial  on a site called They seem easy enough to make and I so want to find the time to make them myself for my new grand daughter!

Pink and Yellow Baby Girl Nursery Decorating Ideas

We finally decided on the colors of the nursery for our little granddaughter Keira!


I am so excited to have a direction. I told my daughter no more changing her mind! We have run out of time. I love the warm sunny feeling this combination gives! Here are some decorating ideas we are working with……. All round personalized items can be found at

A Visit to Charleston South Carolina’s Farmers Market

I finally made it to the farmers market in downtown Charleston SC. I was waiting until the weather cooled off a bit so since it was a cloudy day, I decided to head on down there. Of course the first stop is fresh local shrimp which is to die for!!Here is Capt. Tommy himself showing off his catch of the day! YUM YUM!!!!LOVE this vendors presentation. Something about vintage pieces that draws my attention.  She had some beautiful pieces!So glad to find my friend kim still displaying her adorable onsies with vintage inspired prints!!!  The picture below is the one she gave me for my new granddaughter. isn’t it sweet?

And what would a farmers market without local produce! There is nothing better than a southern juicy local peach!

And to my delight I found Brooke and her line of pottery called Rainbow Run Fun Designs! I actually have a few of her pieces. What Beautiful work she does! I treasure my pieces and will be getting more soon! You can find more of her colorful pieces at  I love her piece with rainbow row in downtown Charleston.

So glad I finally made it to the market. I will be going back real soon because it is a great way to start a weekend in Charleston!

My Round Nursery Hanging Wall letters Featured on Ohdeedoh Website

My pretty pink and green baby girls hanging wall letters for a nursery where featured on the wonderful website Ohdeedoh. They are one of my most popular styles to date.  You can find them in my shop at